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Q3 Results Push Financial Stock Higher


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A Beijing-based %FinancialCompany is seeing shares of its stock soar on Wednesday after the company reported their financial results from the third quarter of this year. While some of the results were mixed, it appears that traders were bullish overall, as shares of %UPFintechHolding ($TIGR) are up big on the day.

UP Fintech Holding Ltd is an %OnlineBrokerage firm focusing on Chinese investors. Its trading platform enables investors to trade in equities and other financial instruments on multiple exchanges of stocks and other derivatives. The company offers its customers brokerage and value-added services, including trade order placement and execution, margin financing, account management, investor education, community discussion, and customer support.

Shares of UP Fintech were trading at $4.96/share (+9.98%) at the time of writing. This move is a strong continuation of the success this stock has had over the last few weeks.